How To Get More Website Traffic and Engagement for My Blog

1. Create a blog theme on something you are passionate about.

2. Niches can garner more of a web presence.

3. Build community on your website.

4. Use current events and older significant historical events to tie into website post topics. 

5. Respond to your website’s comments.

6. Always be honest and authentic with your content.

7. Build your content it for the long term, not simply for the here and now.

8. Try not to trick people with your article titles like newspapers do just for a click.

9. Build your website for content value rather than trying to use cheap gimmicks for people to come to your website.

10. Always read other website articles and comment with real feedback. Always keep your feedback civil and promote encouragement or authentic insight.

11. Keep your website positive whenever possible. Always take the high road.

12. Keep your posts updated and add more to your articles to keep them relevant.

13. Build long posts to create real value for consumers.

14. Use social media to drive traffic and engagement to your website. 

15. Create solutions for people’s problems.

16. Write interesting titles that address what the post is about.

17. Advertise, but this will cost money.

18. Guest post on other websites.

19. Have a guest post on your website.

What are some other ways to get more traffic and engagement on websites?

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