1. Open one of your own new and never submitted photos in Lightroom and make saturation adjustments to this photo.
  2. You should have 4 photos for this assignment.
  3. Each photo will have a caption underneath the photo. (See my examples and do the same thing.)
  4. Photo 1 will be the original photo with no adjustment.
  5. Photo 2 will be with too much adjustment.
  6. Photo 3 will be not enough adjustment.
  7. Photo 4 will be the just right amount of saturation adjustment.
  8. Put this assignment on the same page of your presence assignment.
  9. If you do not know/remember how to do any of these assignments, find someone in the class that remembers that can help you. You need to be your own advocate when I am helping another student and not available.

Examples are below.