Lesson 5 – Portraits

  1. Shade Only Portrait (Subject will be in complete shade – No sun in photo)
  2. Sun Only Portrait (Direct full sun with no soft shade)
  3. Sun and Shade Portrait (Both sun and shade will be on the subject)
  4. Window Light Portrait (Subject will be photographed inside with indirect window light illuminating the subject)

For best results:

  • Each portrait assignment must be of the same one person.
  • Each photo will be headshots or at the farthest 3/4 portraits.
  • Zoom your lens for the highest number focal length on lens so portraits look less distorted.
  • Set your camera to A for Aperture Priority and choose the lowest number apertature.
  • The background should be completely out of focus or be uniform.
  • You will need for each assignment: your 10 best portraits, 1 post processed next to the original, and a paragraph. (You can use Photoshop or Lightroom to post process photos.)