Digital Manipulation

Think about what is currently “cool” in looks, clothes, and facial characteristics for guys and girls. For example: long hair, tennis shoes, tight jeans, perfect eyes, strong muscles, along with favorite brands.

A. Write down a list of what you consider as cool fashions and beautiful/handsome physical characteristics on your own piece of paper.

B. After creating list, watch this video: Dove Evolution

You can use a desktop computer if you need to.

C. Use complete sentences and answer the following questions:

  1. What is the message of the video?
  2. How does this message differ from other health and beauty advertisements?
  3. What makes the message of this video so powerful?
  4. How does it make you feel when advertisements influence people to look a certain way?
  5. Is it okay for photographs to be manipulated for advertising? Why or why not?

D. When you are finished, turn in your own paper and place it neatly in a pile on the black counter.

Make sure your own first name, last name, and period is on the paper so I can give you credit for the work.

E. After you turn in the assignment, you can work on finishing the “Who Am I” worksheet and turn that in on the black counter in a neat pile. (Include your name and period so I can give you credit)