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I’m originally from the woods. I grew up surrounded by nature. I started out taking many photographs of weather and the effects it had in the woods and I loved it. After a divorce, I found myself moving very far away and ended up in an urban town with hardly any nature to speak of. In a way, I had to reinvent my content that I photographed. It has been a journey. Most of the photographs on here deal with my two girls and wife in our house, backyard, and occasional trips outside of our house. You’ll also find some photographs of my church and some from my high school I teach at. I’m the photography teacher there and I love it.

I enjoy my 50mm 1.4 for my kids around the house. I think as they get older and the kids move around a little less my 85mm 1.4 will be used more as I’ll have more time to make the shot. The problem I experience most of the time is that I need to make the exposure fast. With the 50mm I can get the action easier. It takes me longer is my small house to get to a better spot to frame my family using the 85mm.

The type of style if you can call it a style is that of shallow depth of field. Since it’s simply everyday life, the photos are what I would call a lifestyle-photojournalistic form and technique. I shoot with a Nikon D810 right now and in the past used a Nikon D600, Nikon D70, Nikon Coolpix 990, and lots of various film cameras before that. At the high school I teach at, we use a traditional darkroom for most of the content. In my opinion, Digital is extremely practical, however it will burn you out real fast if you can’t find a way to slow down with it. You can shoot so much content, be hyper vigilant with minor details that the original fun of photography can get lost. That’s why my process is constantly evolving to get the most out of my photography with the least amount of time involved to get there.

I shoot all raw. Now in the past before my kids I would spend at least 3 to 4 times the amount of time processing, reprocessing, and reprocessing images in Lightroom as my styles changed. I was obsessed with perfection. It just sucked the joy of photography right out of me. This was taking up way too much time from me and my family once my kids came along. At the current time I’m shooting raw, transferring everything to my eyefi cloud account. In this way, the raw images are downloaded to my hard drive wirelessly and up to the cloud at the same time. I don’t even process any of the images for the most part. When I do need to process and fix up the images, I import them into Lightroom. There I can adjust them reasonably fast. For this website on WordPress, I needed to come up with a fast way to put the images up here as I shoot photos almost everyday. I ended up simply downloading the jpgs unprocessed photographs from the eyefi cloud and importing them into daily posts in my wordpress site here. I believe all raw files have a small jpg image with them. The only problem that I incurred with this process is that on this theme I am using right now, the huge jpg images are being rendered horribly. I believe the problem is that the files are being down sized to such a huge extent in order to fit the width of the theme. I notice if I look at the original image file here in the wordpress site, the images look ok. I’m not about to put them through lightroom and post process them and then create the right size as it would take way too much time. For the time being right now, the images will simply have to be sub par.

Anyone have any other ideas with my process?

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